Mindfulness: the new buzz word

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Mindfulness has become a popular buzz word, with many connotations as to the meaning behind the word. At Yveher Well we have researched and found interesting and useful aspects to being mindful in any part of your busy day.

We live in a world filled with opportunities to appreciate all that we are surrounded with. Being mindful means that you can involve all your senses in positive gratitude for previously unobserved aspects about the environment we find ourselves in at any given moment of our day.

How to use your senses to increase mindfulness in any environment:

Sight: Go to a window or out for a short walk. Notice all the colours around you. Look at the shapes and structures around you. Look at the sky and any plants or animals that may be present in that moment. Observe it all with awe and appreciation.

Sound: Listen out for all the sounds around you and link them to a grateful thought. Listen to sounds that are far off or even one off such as a passing car with a song playing. Listen to your footsteps and those of others that you pass. Listen to the nature sounds of wind, leaves, birds and perhaps water. If you are inside, listen to the sounds around you and take comfort in those that show companionship of work colleagues or just the sound of a copier. Honour each sound that is a part of your world in this moment.

Touch: Feel the beauty of your hair, your skin and the textiles of your clothes. Feel the soft breeze, wind, rain or snow and relish it. Become aware of the feel of the path you are walking or standing on. Feel the ground beneath you and be comforted. If you sit on a wooded bench or walk past a tree, feel the natural resilience in the wood. You can touch your desk or chair if you are indoors and think about all the words to describe the smoothness or texture. Find something to touch that you can appreciate at this moment.

Taste: Taste the refreshment that you are enjoying at this moment. Taste your food and really focus on the different flavours and why you find them delicious. Taste the beverage that you choose – even water has a fresh, pure taste – and appreciate the way that these tastes help your body to digest the food to nourish itself. Carefully appreciate each mouthful, savouring each taste in that moment.

Smell: Whether you are out walking, in your office or at home, you can be still and smell the different aspects of your environment. Seek out the most unusual smells that trigger good feelings, or even lovely memories, inside you. The smells of seasons changing, the perfume of flowers or the crisp, clean air of a winter day after it has snowed, will fill you with an appreciation of where you are in this moment. Taking a bite of an apple and smelling the delicious sweetness will enhance the whole experience of eating it. Passing a bakery or a perfume shop, smelling the coffee brewing in your office space, and even the exhaust fumes as you leave the building after a busy day will all gain significance when viewed with a positive, grateful attitude.

All of these activities will assist you on your journey towards being more mindful. Soon it will become second nature and overflow into your whole day.

In my next blog I will write about how being mindful in difficult situations can assist you to reduce stress levels at work.

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