Introducing... Guest Blogger: Pam

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

We would like to introduce to you one of our subscribers, who is inspiring us to always strive to live the best life, and look for the simple joys, even on difficult days.

We have asked her to tell you, our readers, about some of her challenges and what she does to help herself feel uplifted.


My life full of illness and hope

Early on in life I was dealt a blow, developing hearing problems by the age of 7.

I have an autoimmune disease, which means my body attacks itself. At age 40, I became very ill, but I have battled through. Now at age 61, having survived a continuous period of illness, I live through a haze of having to take 24 different types of medication, as well as mini chemo on Monday, and on Friday’s treatment for inflammation.

I find the best way to cope with the constant onslaught to my body and mind is to make sure that instead of looking at a day as a “chunk” of time, I break it up into parts. Living in the moment, prevents me from looking back, where there is potential to regret and wonder “what if"; but it also prevents me from worrying about the future. If you really think about it, in this moment, in the “now” everything is fine.

Sometimes to help me feel uplifted I go “imagine” shopping… I can get out and about on my wheelchair, but because of swelling I cannot wear shoes. As you can imagine in this cold weather, getting out and about with bare feet is not ideal. So this week, instead of going out “imagine” shopping, I did some “imagine” shopping on the internet. I pick out all the things I want to buy, add them to my basket, but don’t actually “checkout”. It can be great fun, and costs me nothing.

Another thing I like to do, is get closer to nature. I have a wheelchair height vegetable box, which Well Care put up, and filled with soil to grow vegetables in. Currently I am looking after Rainbow Tomatoes, Lettuce, Beetroot and Spring Onions.

I try to only eat organic food, and growing my own vegetables is both fulfilling from a mindfulness point of view and means I am eating healthier food.

Finally, believe it or not, I sing to my vegetables, which I believe helps them grow, and even if that isn’t the case, helps me feel uplifted!

That’s it for this week folks. Next time, we can look more of the small ways I find joyful moments every day.

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